Welcome, new contributors! This is a special religion wiki devoted to neopaganism and polytheism.

Here is a quick guide to many things you need to know if you wish to become an active contributor to WikiPagan. Over time, you will grow familiar with our policies and the working of a wiki. For now, here are the basics:

Editing a pageEdit

The special thing about wikis is that you yourself, our reader, can also be a writer for this site. If you see something you think you should correct, there is nothing preventing you from doing this. This is the wiki way.

You will notice that every page has a couple of tabs at the top (assuming you're using the standard skin). One of these it the tab 'edit' (unless a page is protected). If you click this tab, you will be taken to a textbox which contains all of the page contents, free for you to edit as you see fit.

Of course, not all of the contents of pages are simple text. Mediawiki uses a specific set of signs and codes which make up the wiki markup. These codes are automatically changed to links, headers, images, etc.. If you want to create articles with more than just text, you will have to learn this code. Most of it can be found at Help:Editing a page.

Basic rulesEdit

As you can imagine, WikiPagan has some policy rules regarding what you can and cannot do in this site. These rules are explained at the policy pages. For now, here some of the ground rules:

  1. No offensive contents, be this either racism, pornography or anything else indecent
  2. No personal attacks toward other members
  3. More to follow...

And here are some of the basic rules concerning how to contribute to WikiPagan:

  1. Summary of policies (when they are completed)

Also try our tips and tricks, and learn how to quickly become a valued member of our community.

Welcome againEdit

Now that you know a little more about us, it is time for you to step right in and try it out. There is no better way to learn. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. This is a wiki, and the community is responsible for montoring and correcting mistakes. You will learn as you go along. We thank you, the new contributors to this project, and wish you good luck and many great articles here on WikiPagan.

External linksEdit

Also try the Wikipedia Introduction, a well informed, easy to understand, graphic course on the workings of mediawiki, the wiki software that powers WikiPagan.

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