Heimdall or Heimdal is a Norse God. The son of Odin by nine virgins, all sisters, Heimdall's hall is Himinbjorg ("The Cliffs of Heaven"), and his horse is Gulltop.

He is the watchman of the Norse gods, and he guards Bifrost, the rainbow bridge. He will blow the Gjallarhorn if danger approaches Asgard.

Snorri Surluson wrote that Heimdall requires less sleep than a bird and can see a hundred miles around him, by night as well as by day. His hearing is so accurate that no sound escapes him: he can even hear the grass grow or the wool on a sheep's back.

At the final conflict of Ragnarok he will do battle with Loki.

As the god Rig ("ruler"), Heimdall created the three races of mankind: the serfs, the peasants, and the warriors.

Old Norse: Heimdallr